About the Blog

In 2011 I did a 365 photography project called 16:25. It was a great way to keep myself creatively fit and ensured that I kept my camera close at hand. I derived great pleasure from that project and I missed it in 2012 so I’ve decided to try my hand another 365 project in 2013.

Randomness and constraints are powerful creative motivators for me, so I needed to come up with a theme for this project that would allow me enough latitude to express myself but limited enough to give me something clear to focus on every day.

My solution? To solicit words from friends and followers of this photoblog which are all thrown into a hat and draw one every day as inspiration for the day’s photo. Once the first several dozen words came in it became clear to me that I’d effectively set myself up for a massive year long photo scavenger hunt. Hence the title Photo Scavenger.

Like my first 365 project its impossible to tell how well this will work out. Some days will be good, some not so good and a few will be spectacular. Some artistic license will be involved for sure.

So join me, for 365 days of hunting for the shot.

If you’d like to contribute a word head on over to the Word page and drop it into the comments.


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